Installations • 1996-on

MY WORK HAS ALWAYS BEEN DRIVEN by the experience of having been raised in the rural South by my grandparents, who were formally uneducated, hardworking country people. Their character, stories, and experiences molded me and continue to influence every decision I make as an artist. I am consumed by sensory memories, whether in the form of site, smell, touch, taste or hearing, of my upbringing in the Ozark Mountains and the Arkansas Delta.

I am both driven and immobilized by stories told to me throughout my life. These experiences translate into objects that I use to tell my story. The installations became what they are now when I experienced my first physical distance from my home environment, moving to Iowa for graduate school. Creating real spaces full of objects and images that represented home allowed me to tell a more thorough story. Typical objects include hubcaps, rice hulls, walnut dye, chicken feet, reclaimed structures, whirligigs, wallpaper, etc.

Installation venues include: Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

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